Churchill Tanks - Photographs and Names

145th Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
Formed from 8th Battalion Duke of Wellington's Regiment


The Regiment has two Nicknames:
The Hindustans, so called because the Regiment distinguished itself in the Hindustan Campaign of 1803-5.
The Immortals, because during the Mahratta War of 1803-5, almost every man hsd one or more wounds.

On arrival in North Africa, as can be seen in the photographs, sand paint was used to break up the outline of tanks. Also, despite decreasing the effective range of 19 Sets, to make the tanks less conspicuous when in a defensive position A Set arials were bent backwards.

Tank Names:
Commenced with the letter D:
Allocation known:
'C' Squadron's Dolphin and Dorothy (14 Troop)
Not known: Decisive, Defender, Destroyer, Diogenes.

Squadron/Troop Insignia:
Coloured blue until battalion's disbandment, January 1945.

Placement of Insignia:
Although no photograpic evidence is available, it is reasonable to assume that it was similar to that employed by 142nd Regiment Royal Armoured Corps.

The first two photographs were taken during prior to going into action. The practice of bending arials also ceased before commitment.The third is of the Regiment's Churchills on their way to join the Victory Parade in Tunis, 20th May 1943. (Photos: 21st Tank Brigade Archives)

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