1st Canadian Army Tank Brigade
Churchill Tank Equipped Units Insignia

1st Canadian Army Tank Brigade

11th Battalion- Ontario Regiment

12th Battalion - Three Rivers Regiment

14th Battalion - Calgary Regiment

Calgary Churchills in Action
Operation 'Jubilee' - Wednesday, 19th August 1942

Insignia Notes:
Although by the time of the Dieppe Raid the placement and colour of insignia substantially had been standardised for the Army Tank Brigades, as will be seen, the required changes had not been made on Calgary Regiment's vehicles.
Name colour: White.
Regimental Colour: Blue
    Name: Carried on upper part of louvres plus as below indicated.
    Troop Identification: On turrets in variable sizes and inserts. For details see tables
 :   below
     WD Number forward of louvres plus as below indicated.
RAC: Forward of pannier doors plus as below indicated.
Placement of Insignia
    Regimental Headqurters
        Nose plate: Arm of Service, (AoS) Brigade
        Rear: AoS, RAC, Brigade.
    B Squadron Gun Tanks
        Nose plate, facing left to right: Above shackle: T Number, Name. Below shackle: AoS,
        Troop, Brigade.
        Rear: AoS, RAC, Troop, Brigade.
    B Squadron Flamethrowers
        Nose plate: As for gun tanks.
        Rear: On flame fuel tank sloping edge: Brigade. On rear edge: Troop, Name, AoS.
    C Squadron
        Noseplate: Name and Troop. Rear: No insignia worn.

♦         ♦         ♦         ♦         ♦         ♦

Specific Details

The suffix * to a tank's name indicates it was one of the fifteen that managed to climb on to the promenade. The suffix ** indicates that it was one of the ten which later returned to the beach.
Type of vehicle, towed by the last Churchill exiting LCTs, is noted in the Remarks column.
The Mark II Daimler Scout Cars belonged to Regimental HQ Squadron.
Tanks listed in disembarking sequence.
Blanks in the Remarks column indicate that the Churchill remained effective up until the surrender.
Twenty-eight Churchills remaining aboard their LCTs as a floating reserve were:
A Squadron 18; C Squadron 9; HQ Squadron 1.
The mark OKE-1, of 9 Troop, B Squadron's Churchill flame throwers, stems from the name of itís designer, Major J.M. Oke.

 Regimental Headquarters
 Turret Insignia in a Diamond: Ringer Z2, Regiment Z1, Rounder Z3.
 Transported aboard LCT number: 125
Name Commander Number Mark Remarks
 Ringer  Capt. A.G.Stanton (Adj.) T68881 Mk II  Broke left track soon after landing.
 Regiment  Lt-Col. J.G.Andrews (CO) T31923R Mk II  Tank sank on exiting into eight feet of  water..
 Rounder  Major J.Begg (2 I/C) T68452 Mk II  Unable to disembark - returned safely to  UK with Jeep and Universal Carrier.

 B Squadron, HQ Fighting Troop
 Turret Insignia in a Square: Burns F1, Backer F2 , Bolster F3.
 Transported aboard LCT number: 126

Name Commander Number Mark Remarks
 Burns  Major C.E.Page (OC) T31135R Mk I  Right track broken by shellfire.
 Backer  Lt. R.H.Wallace T68352 Mk II  Left track broken, probably by shellfire.
 Bolster  Sgt. T.R.Cunningham T31107R Mk I  Towed Daimler Scout Car 'Helen'. Right  track broken by chert build-up.

 B Squadron, 6 Troop
 Turret Insignia: In a 6" Square.
 Transported aboard LCT number: 163

Name Commander Number Mark Remarks
 Bob**  Lt. J.H.Dunlap T68557R Mk III  .
 Bert*  S.S.M. G.M.Menzies T68560R Mk III  Left track broken by shellfire..
 Bill**  Cpl. C.A.Heck T68558R Mk III  Cable towing Bulldozer D7 snapped.

 B Squadron 7 Troop
 Turret Insignia: In a 7" Square.
 Transported aboard LCT number: 166

Name Commander Number Mark Remarks
 Brenda**  Sgt. W.W.Olive T68760R Mk III  Interior destroyed by commander using  sticky bombs.
 Betty*  Lt. A.L.Breithaupt T68176R Mk III  Fell into entrance of underground bunker  located on the promenade - efforts to tow  her out failed.
 Blondie  Cpl. D.W.G.Jordon T68880 Mk III  Towed Daimler Scout Car 'Hare' F64319.
 Jeep CM4218884 was also aboard the  LCT. Left track broken by chert build-up,  later repaired and put into service by the  Germans.

 B Squadron, 8 Troop
 Turret Insignia: In a 8" Square.
 Transported aboard LCT number: 159

Name Commander Number Mark Remarks
 Bull  Capt. D.G.Purdy T31862 OKE Mk I  Sank into about ten feet of water on  disembarking.
 Boar**  Sgt. J.Sullivan T32049 OKE MkI  Immobilised by crew on return to beach.
 Beetle  Lt. G.L.Drysdale T68875 OKE Mk I  Towed Bulldozer D7
 Right track pin snapped immediately after  landing.

 B Squadron 9 Troop
 Turret Insignia: In a 9" Square.

 Transported aboard LCT number: 121
Name Commander Number Mark Remarks
 Buttercup**  Sgt. J.D.Morrison T31655 Mk III  .
 Blossom  Lt. M.J.A.Lambert T68561R Mk III  Right track broken by chert build-up.
 Bluebell  Cpl. D.L.Brownlee T68759R Mk III  Towed Daimler Scout Car 'Harry'
 Bogged down on beach

 B Squadron, 10 Troop
 Turret Insignia: In a 10" Square.
 Transported aboard LCT number: 124

Name Commander Number Mark Remarks
 Beefy**  Sgt. H.R.Patrick T68177R Mk III  .
 Bellicose**  Lt. E.Bennett T68175 Mk III  Left track broken by build-up of chert  on return to the beach.
 Bloody**  Sgt. R.B.Lee T68701R Mk III  Towed Daimler Scout Car 'Hunter' on  loan from Royal Canadian Corps of  Signals. A Jeep was also on board.  Right track broken by shellfire on  return to  beach.

 C Squadron, HQ Fighting Troop
 Turret Insignia in a circle: Chief F1, Company F3, Calgary F2.
 Transported aboard LCT number: 145

Name Commander Number Mark Remarks
 Chief  Major A.Glenn (OC) T31124R Mk I  .
 Company  Capt. G.T.Valentine (2 I/C) T31878R Mk I  Shellfire destroyed left front idler wheel.
 Calgary  Lt. B.G.Douglas T68559 Mk III  Towed Daimler Scout Car 'Horace' F64318
 Left track broken by shellfire.

 C Squadron, 13 Troop
 Turret Insignia: In a 13" Circle.
 Transported aboard LCT number: 127

Name Commander Number Mark Remarks
 Cougar*  Lt. T.R.Cornett T68173 Mk III  Both tracks broken while on the  promenade. Left by a  rock jamming idler  wheel, right by shellfire.
 Cheetah*  Cpl. G.H.Wiggins T68171 Mk III  Hit by Ju 87 "Stuka" Dive-bomber.
 Cat*  Sgt. J.Weaver T68696 Mk III  Towed Daimler Scout Car 'Hector'  F64306, the only Daimler Scout Car to  reach the promenade. Commander set off  sticky bombs destroying the interior.

 C Squadron, 15 Troop
 Turret Insignia: In a 15" Circle.
 Transported aboard LCT number: 165

Name Commander Number Mark Remarks
 Caustic**  Lt. A.B.Patterson T68702 Mk III  .
 Canny**  Sgt. N.R.Thompson T68870 Mk II  .
 Confident  Cp. R.W.Dowling T68704R Mk III  Towed Daimler Scout Car 'Hound'  F64306 ashore where she accidently  rammed it when reversing. A Jeep was  also on board. Interior destroyed by  sticky bombs.

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